About Us

Launching our brick and mortar April 3, 2017, Freckled Fox has been many years in the making. From thrifting for vintage suitcases to rummaging at the family farm for corrugated metal, every fixture has a story. Our 500 sq. ft. garage turned storefront in Spearfish, South Dakota, has been enhanced by these pieces creating a cozy, eclectic aesthetic.

We cater to the faithful, intelligent, and creative woman. She is a go-getter, living life to its full extent. She understands the importance of positivity and craves individuality. Our brick and mortar buys in small quantities to keep her wardrobe ever-evolving and unique from the masses.

We believe in a strong foundation built in our community and carry many locally made products. Community over competition, always.

Our online platform is a sampling of our brick and mortar to appeal to our gal on the go. We ship anywhere your wandering heart may roam in the USA.

Wishing you abundant blessings and happy shopping,

Beth, Amanda, and Sarah Goetz